Next to classical Viennese dance music, the orchestra Divertimento Viennese has specialized in the legendary hits of the Roaring Twenties and Swinging Thirties, playing them exclusively in original arrangements. With verve, virtuosity and an unfailing instinct for the musical pulse of this era, Divertimento Viennese has won the hearts of audiences in Austria and abroad (Germany, England, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA). Since its founding in 1998 it has established itself as one of the most popular ballroom orchestras in Austria.

An orchestra formation selected to match its challenging repertoire enables the classically elegant ballroom orchestra to transform itself instantaneously into a rhythmically pulsating dance orchestra of the 1930s. Jazz soloists, a Latin American rhythm group and members of renowned symphony orchestras ensure quality and an opulence of sound. Since its founding, the orchestra’s artistic director has been conductor Vinzenz Praxmarer, who has shared this responsibility with concertmaster Martin Reining since 2006.

Our dance music repertoire includes more than 300 titles. It includes all the familiar Viennese, standard and Latin American dances such as waltz, polka, foxtrot, slow fox, Valse Boston, quickstep, tango, Charleston, cha-cha, rumba, samba, boogie, paso doble etc.
As a quintessentially Viennese ballroom orchestra, of course Divertimento Viennese also plays the opening of the ball, the midnight quadrille and the accompaniment of singers performing opera, operetta and musical numbers. The orchestra works with international opera stars regularly and with great enthusiasm. A sophisticated sequence of dances and our elegant appearance in 1920s style will transform any evening into a glittering ball.

The orchestra’s references include the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Ball, the ball of the Viennese Coffee House Owners, the Viennese Science Ball, the New Year’s Ball at the Hofburg, the Viennese Opera Ball in New York, the Ballo Viennese in Milan, the Chemnitz Opera Ball and many others.